EFBOne introduces a Powerful eReporting Module for Flight Operations

EFBOne’s new eReporting module is a powerful tool that simplifies report creation and data collection for operations and crew management.


Using the EFBOne NEO tool, EFB admin can design custom report templates tailored to the specific needs of any department in the organization. Those reports can be made with the same inputs used in the EFBOne base module. It also means that you can have a dynamic in the report to hide unnecessary entries.

Device Compatibility

Crew members equipped with iPads or iPhones can easily fill out and submit these reports retrieved after logging in to EFBOne application and updating the configuration.

Template examples

Templates range from Cabin Crew reports to generic formats, adaptable for various reporting needs.


Once submitted, the data goes to the IFS server and an email notification with a PDF report is sent to relevant departments and people. It can also be sent in any kind of format to an API implemented in the department.

Use cases

While primarily aimed at flight-related reports, the module allows for manual report creation by specifying the name and relevant aircraft.

EFBOne’s eReporting is a versatile solution for customizable, efficient, and integrated reporting in the aviation industry.

Find more information about all available modules on EFBOne – click here.

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