EFBOne Admin Training

A combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical exercises will give you a deep understanding of EFBOne's advanced functionalities and tools, enabling you to maximize its potential within your airline operations.

Course Topics

Tickets & Train Release

Learn how to effectively manage ticket workflows, release updates, and ensure seamless collaboration among your team members and IFS.


Explore the various capabilities of the EFBOne portal. Discover how to customize and configure the portal and the app to suit your airline’s specific requirements. Understand how to leverage its features to enhance communication and app outputs and access essential resources.

Mass & Balance

Gain a comprehensive knowledge of EFBOne’s Mass & Balance module. Learn how to perform accurate weight and balance calculations, load planning, and fuel management. Understand the importance of adhering to safety regulations while utilizing EFBOne for mass and balance operations.

API & Postman

Uncover the power of EFBOne’s API capabilities and how to leverage them for seamless integration with other airline systems. Master the usage of Postman, a popular API development and testing tool, to interact with EFBOne’s API endpoints, perform advanced tasks and get an understanding of flight data flow to and from EFBOne.

Neo-EFB Interface Editor

Harness the potential of the Neo-EFB interface editor- an unseen feature in the EFB industry. Learn how to design and customize  EFBOne to fit your airline’s needs perfectly. 

Export Interface

Discover how to export data and generate reports to other airline systems for analysis, compliance, and record-keeping purposes.

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