New Flight Operations Feature: The Direct To Function in EFBOne Application

As we find ourselves in the middle of the bustling summer season, we at IFS are excited to bring you a key update in the realm of flight operations. We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new feature in version 52 of the EFBOne application: the Direct To function (DIRTO).

Exploring the Direct To Function (DIRTO)

DIRTO is an innovative tool designed to provide flight crews with enhanced flexibility during flight. It allows for modifications to the initial flight route and enables accurate reporting of the actual route flown.
Please note that while this feature offers a new level of adaptability, it is not a flight planning editor and will not create a newly approved route during flight. Its primary role is as a reporting tool. Meaning that all information inserted will come from the avionics.
The Direct To function involves three additional actions implemented in the eNavLog: creating a new waypoint, deleting a waypoint, and performing the Direct To action.

Understanding How DIRTO Works

In scenarios where the flight crew is requested to perform a Direct To action, effectively short-cutting a portion of the original route, they can report this in two ways: as a New Route or a Projected Route.

DIRTO can be implemented for journeys up to three hours long. Yet, abiding by standard operating procedures (SOP), pilots must conduct fuel and time checks every hour. Keeping this in mind, pilots can use DIRTO to delete all intermediate waypoints and input new ones for reporting purposes. Alternatively, pilots can leverage the orthogonal projection of the initial route to report fuel and time data—retaining all waypoints but designating them as beamed.

What If ATC Directs To a Waypoint Not in the Initial Route?

Occasionally, air traffic considerations might require the Air Traffic Control (ATC) to direct a flight to a waypoint not included in the initial route. In such circumstances, pilots will have the ability to insert a new waypoint into the eNavLog, defined by its Name, Estimated Time, and Estimated FOB (as reflected on the FMS). Additional fuel data such as fuel burnt at this waypoint can also be included.

What If a Mistake Is Made While Inserting a New Waypoint?

Should an error arise during the creation of a new waypoint, the crew can effortlessly remove it and establish a new one. Also, if the crew opts to maintain all waypoints and perceive them as projections post-DIRTO, they can clean up the projected route by eliminating any erroneous waypoints, leaving only the essential ones for fuel and time checks.

The DIRTO feature is available for free for all EFBOne customers by default. However, if not wanted, it can be deactivated at the airline level.

We are ecstatic to introduce this advanced feature, designed to afford flight crews with an enhanced level of adaptability and precision. As always, we deeply appreciate your feedback and remain on standby to assist with any queries or concerns regarding this latest enhancement to the EFBOne application.

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