No more costly logistics, security risks, and overburdened flight crews. Our tools optimize your flight operations by removing paperwork and minimizing unnecessary administration.


All in One

We offer a modular approach that allows you to pick and choose modules to fit your needs, starting with the basics and adding additional modules easily, as you get accustomed to our solution.

All the benefits - one platform.

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In order to change the old ways of working, a better, much simpler solution must be provided - and that is exactly what our Basic platform is all about.

We incorporate 3 main functionalities that will make the use of physical paperwork redundant:

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Flexible Data Fields

Create as many data inputs on the app as you need to build your flight reporting the way you need it. From Flight Planning to Take-off and Landing Data registration, WX, Notam, ATC/ATIS, Engine Trend, Flight Checklist, Geo-Surveys – if you need it, you can simply add it.


Present your flight plans in a digital, interactive format, where you can easily insert altimeter checks and fuel validation.


Sync all your flight data between different devices in real-time.


Seamlessly manage your M&B calculation from within your app and produce accurate load sheet reporting based on your in-app data feed.

This includes:

Cabin holds and jumps seats
Pantry Codes
Flaps and Trim settings

From base mass and index to aircraft layout, there are no hidden costs or special requirements needed to update your data - you can independently configure your M&B directly from your customer portal.

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Take-Off Performance Integration

Expend your app functionality by bringing the Take-off Performance integration module into your single EFB app.

* we currently support online performance in all platforms but off-line performance on Windows only.

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Landing Performance Integration

Expend your app functions by bringing the Landing integration module into your single EFB app.

* we currently support online performance in all platforms but off-line performance on Windows only.

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Document Library

A fully digitized library module, repository and document management system. 

This includes:
User-based role classification
Document distribution management
In-app search across all available documents
Document library module

Your documents can be managed either directly from your customer portal or through a 3rd party integration.

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Whether it's ASR, Training, Safety, cockpit security, or any other required operational report - our eReporting module allows you to replace your paper-based forms with an electronic version, in a customized format fitted to your needs. 

This includes:
Customized operational reports
Export possibilities to your Safety Management system
Pre-loaded flight data into your reports

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Ready to fly paperless?

A message from Jens

Hi there! I’m looking forward to speaking with you. On a call we can discuss your needs in detail, the project and implementation plans, and talk about what IFS can do for you. I’ll also be able to:

  • Tell you more about our modular solution options
  • Tell you more about our pricing structure
  • Provide recommendations on how best to achieve your EFB strategy
  • Point out the relevant resources we have to support companies in your position
  • Point you towards specific partners in case new 3rd party back-end IT systems are required

And if you want to move forward with IFS, I’ll arrange a personalised demo for you. Speak soon!