EFBOne: Revolutionizing Aviation with the Ultimate Electronic Flight Bag Solution.

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Say hello to the most customizable Electronic flight bag software

The most flexible Electronic Flight Bag in the industry designed to fit your flight ops 
One-to-One. A seamless all-in-one hub connecting all essential pilot apps for a streamlined, efficient, and safe flight operation.

Efficient workflow leads to fewer errors

EFBOne has an intuitive, easy-to-navigate design for pilots, promoting quick familiarization, resulting in reduced pilot training, time-saving, error reduction, and safer flights.

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Minimize customization costs

Our fully customizable platform adapts to each airline's unique SOPs, catering to the evolving aviation industry while saving time, money, and frustration with Neo, our self-service tool. 

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Exceptional support

We excel in exceptional customer support, providing timely, knowledgeable, and friendly assistance, as evidenced by our 4.8 /5 client feedback rating.

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Lightning-fast set up

Experience rapid onboarding with our streamlined setup, minimizing learning curves and effortlessly integrating our platform into airline workflows.

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EFBOne is your future-proof solution for navigating the ever-changing landscape of aviation, offering unparalleled agility and flexibility to adapt to dynamic industry demands.

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Our customers say

Join 30+ Airlines using our EFB

“The flexibility makes it easy to customize the app to make it an integrated part of the flight deck and the pilots working tool.” Jakob Evald, Atlantic Airways

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