Sales Pilot / Captain of Sales – B2B

Our mission is to make flight operations feel simple and we do so by removing any manual obstacles on the way. Our product is an Electronic Flight Bag, an app used in the cockpits of 30+ airlines around the globe.

We’ve reinvented the EFB as a scalable, cross-platform, cloud-based, uber configurable tool, to become the EFB market leader, and now we are scaling our sales structure.

Who are you

We are looking for the best-of-the-best tech-savvy aviators, to work as Sales-Pilots and we expect you to have in-depth commercial aviation knowledge, either as a pilot or in flight ops.

You will receive in-depth training allowing you to configure the EFBOne yourself, after which you will be able to work independently with your leads.  You will receive all the necessary support from our team.

The training boot camp will be in-person in Copenhagen, the work itself can be carried remotely as either full-time or part-time. 

Your superheroes are a combination of Chuck Yeager and Dale Carnegie. You eat, breathe and dream of the opportunity to improve and make life easier and more green in the cockpit.

You are not looking for a job but for a sandbox of opportunities to play with.

You were never afraid to experiment and fail, and you have learned a lot from experience. You surely have some exciting success stories that you can’t wait to share with us.

You are resourceful, self-driven and always taking full ownership of whatever you are working on.

You are tech-savvy and love playing with new technologies and new tools. You are an optimization geek and surely tried connecting stuff with IFTTT/Zaiper and building spaceships with Excel.

You won’t say it yourself, but your colleagues know that you are the best in your field.

Your responsibilities

  • Profoundly understand our product and its current and future capabilities
  • Convey the above to potential clients, and close deals

We expect you to take charge and run things, but you’ll never be alone. We’re an office full of ambitious positive people, and we prioritize a great working environment.

Bonus Points

  • Familiarity with IFS system as a previous customer/partner
  • Large network in the aviation industry
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