App-based EFB vs. Platform EFB solution:
Benefits and advantages

Electric Flight Bag evolution

A little bit of history to begin with. The concept of using a computer in the cockpit for operational calculations was first used in aviation in 1991 when FedEx in the USA introduced a Performance laptop computer to carry out Performance calculations in the cockpit.  

5 years later, the first European airline Aero-Lloyd introduced laptop computers in the cockpit with several apps installed, and the paperless flying slowly started.

In 2009 Jeppesen introduced the first-ever electronic Chart Viewer. In addition to iPads coming to the market in 2010, this gave a big kick for aviation app development.

The tablet market was rapidly developing, with Windows and Panasonic joining the game. Now the iPads could not only have a few single apps but a complete EFB platform installed in them. That means everything from pre-flight, in-flight to post-flight in one EFB app. 

An electronic flight bag- as we know it today- was born. 

Is the platform solution really that advantageous? 

Well, yes. On average, a pilot will switch between 17 different apps to serve the flight. Keep in mind that these apps are not connected to each other, so that means re-entering data in every next app all the time. 

In contrast, the platform-based Electronic Flight Bag offers interconnected workflows throughout the whole flight within one app. That means no switching between several apps and re-entering data on every new app. Just think about the convenience and saved time right there.

Here you can see some more advantages of using the EFB platform solution vs. app-based EFB solutions.

App based EFB and Platform EFB comparison
EFB Comparison

One of the most significant advantages for the airlines is that the platform-based EFB solutions have made a back-end interface for managing and customizing all modules, flight ops, and data. This gives the airline a massive advantage in benefiting all your company departments (especially operations, management, and finance departments). Meanwhile, app solutions are primarily beneficial for the cockpit crew only. 

A platform-based Electronic Flight Bag (like EFBOne made by International Flight Support) is also giving more freedom to the EFB managers and admins as the platform is easily customizable. That means no more dependencies when adding new aircraft and new features. 

Try for yourself

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IFS- International Flight Support is one of the pioneers in the EFB market and has been one of the most prominent players for the last 30 years. Last year we completely reinvented our product and built EFBOne- a true SaaS EFB that brings the newest technologies to your cockpit and makes flight ops feel easy. 

Sandra Daukste