It's simple - we want to eliminate paperwork from your cockpit.


Our mission is to bring flight operation management to this century

IFS is a modern Danish software company, set to bring tech innovation to the aviation industry. We help our clients reduce workload and increase efficiency by digitizing paperwork and providing a customizable platform that seamlessly integrates all your flight operation requirements in one place.

Our Team

It's hard to build a world-class product, but it's even harder to reinvent it to keep up with the times. To practice continuous innovation, we hire people that have something to add - whether it's skills, knowledge, or culture - we want our people to challenge us, not just be another shade of normal.

Our Management


Alex Ribin

Serial entrepreneur and tech leader, Alex is passionate about making technology simple and accessible, crafting scalable products, and using state of the art tools to improve processes. Bringing with him 15 years of software leadership, he joined IFS in Dec 2019 to revolutionize our product and proposition.


Jens Pisarski

Jens joined IFS in 2012 as a Partner, with 20 years of experience within Marketing, Sales, and Contract Management in the Aviation industry. Aside from a vast experience in different business-related fields, Jens is also our very own professional pilot.

Our History

Great history comes with big milestones

  1. Nokia Symbian was launched

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    the same year, the company won the Nokia Top Symbian Applications contest as a Global Winner

  2. First Windows EFB

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  3. First iOS version

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  4. 30 clients milestone

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  5. EFBOne launched

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